Grex Food Decorating Video Series

Update - August 10, 2011 - New video up. Spraying Realistic Fire with Cocoa Butter. Debuted at ICES 2011.

Update - August 2, 2011 - Three new bonus episodes now available.

This Grex video series is produced with the purpose of expanding techniques in airbrushing to the food decorating industry. Witnessing some of the recent innovative approaches in the past several years, Grex Airbrush believes it can contribute to the growth of airbrush applications in this industry by leveraging on the expertise of cross disciplinary artists they work with.

This is a FIVE PART series and each episode will be released in one month intervals beginning in May 2011.


1. Getting to Know the Airbrush

2. Choosing an Air Source

3. Setting Up Your Work Area

4. Exploring Color

5. Surfaces and Airbrushing Tips

6. Using Stencils and Shields (Bonus)

7. Catching Paint with Molded Objects (Bonus)

8. Airbrushing with Cocoa Butter (Bonus)

9. Spraying Realistic Fire with Cocoa Butter (Bonus)

6. Using Stencils and Shields (Bonus Episode)

Its very easy to create interesting patterns and designs with an airbrush. With the help of simple stencils, fabric, paper and ever day items you can find in your home, learn how your airbrush can transform a blank plain surface to one with complexity and depth.