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Grex continues to infuse innovation into their airbrushes; focused on ergonomics and the ability to adapt to the users applications and preferences. The defining design element of these airbrushes is the ergonomic hand grip set that provides improved comfort and handling. These airbrushes have been specifically engineered for maximum adaptability by leveraging the already wide selection of accessories available from Grex.

Many airbrushers have come to rely on the ergonomics of our popular pistol style trigger airbrushes. But we’ve recognized that some still prefer the control from a traditional dual action airbrush. So we set out to design and create a solution. Our inspiration came from the simple pen grip. After many iterations we now introduce the Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Set (Patent Pending). A two piece system that easily slips on the airbrush main body and trigger. Made of a silicon-based polymer thats impervious to most solvents, its soft enough to relieve your finger and hand pressure points, yet firm enough to provide structure for increased holding area. A simple, elegant and effective solution.

Like our Tritium airbrushes, these are also available in two forms - Genesis.XGi, a top gravity version and Genesis.XSi, a side feed version. Each version is available in three different models with either a 0.2mmm, 0.3mm, or 0.5mm nozzle size.

Ergonomics is not the only design philosophy carried on from the Tritium series. We also brought over the versatility of those airbrushes. These airbrushes are designed to specifically use many of the same parts. You'll first recognize the same cups and reservoirs; the same magnetic quick fit needle caps; and the same needles, nozzle and nozzle caps, which means that all the same nozzle conversion kits from 0.2mm up to 0.7mm can be used here as well. Learn more about the nozzle conversion kits by clicking here.

And remember, we even expanded the versatility of our products by making it adaptable to other manufacturers bottles and cups with the use of the AD31 and AD32 adapters.

Other than feed type, features of the Genesis.XGi and Genesis.XSi are the same. Which one to choose is really a matter of preference. See the advantages of each versions' feed type by clicking here.

Genesis.XGi and XSi Airbrush Features

Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Set

Two piece system that easily slips on airbrush main body and trigger. Silicon-based polymer impervious to most solvents. Soft enough to relieve pressure points, yet firm enough to provide structure for increased holding area. (Patent Pending)

High Performance Nozzle Design

Fine thread screw-in design for precise nozzle centering. Stainless steel construction with large diameter threads for extra durability. Precision machined for optimal paint flow through nozzle and optimal air flow around nozzle.

High Performance Needle Design

Long taper at needle tip provides superior fine paint volume control. Precision machined from stainless steel for a durable matched fit to the nozzle.

Pre-set Adjustment Knob

Allows for precise paint volume control and adjustments. Dial in the Pre-set Knob to limit the paint volume for an easy way to create consistent spray patterns. Or dial it all the way back for full trigger control.

Quick-Fit™ Needle Caps

Patented design that makes it easy to take off and easy to put on yet still securely stays on when you need it to protect the airbrush needle tip. Available as a standard and crown type cap.

Quick-Fit™ Crown Needle Cap

The crown version of our Quick-Fit™ needle cap. Cut-away sides allows improved air flow when spraying close to the work surface so that fine detailed patterns can be achieved.

Quick-Fit™ Needle Cap Storage

Convenient storage and quick access for either of your Quick-Fit™ Needle Caps when you're not using them. Easy to take off and easy to put on, but they're held on securely until you need them.

Nozzle Conversion Kits

Optional nozzle conversion kits allow you to modify any Tritium airbrush to a 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm or 0.7mm nozzle size. See side panel for details.

Internal Mix Design

provides fine atomization for a smooth finish.

Solvent Proof Teflon Seals

are replaceable and accepts most paint media.

Chrome Plated Housing

provides durability and ease of cleaning.

Short Paint Passageway

from reservoir to nozzle tip for a responsive feel.

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Advantages to Genesis.XGi Top Feed

Balanced Handling and Efficient Paint Use makes the Top Gravity Feed version the preferred choice for those working in great detail with small amounts of paint. Your media of choice is fed directly into the airbrush through the top cup, making it possible to use even a single drop of paint. Less paint also means less cleaning.

Interchangeable Reservoirs

Top mount reservoirs are detachable so you can choose the perfect reservoir type and size for your project. Set includes a 2mL (1/20 fl. oz.) top cup w/ lid, a 7mL (1/4 fl. oz.) top cup w/ lid and a 15mL (1/2 fl. oz.) top cup w/ lid.

Integrated Paint Cup

A small built-in paint reservoir - easy to clean and perfect for minute amounts of paint.

Optimal Paint Flow

The shape of the top gravity cups are designed for optimal paint flow even when the airbrush is held at large angles. It's a stremlined design so no paint gets collected in the cup.

Balanced Design

In-line top gravity cups directly above the airbrush offers balanced handling.

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Advantages to Genesis.XSi Side Feed

Unrivaled Versatility makes the Side Feed version the most popular choice for those that want their airbrush to adapt to any scenario and application. Choose from an assortment of screw-in gravity cups and siphon bottles and even reservoir types from other airbrush companies.

Interchangeable Reservoirs

Side mount reservoirs are detachable so you can choose the perfect reservoir type and size for your project. Set includes a 7mL (1/4 fl. oz.) side cup w/ lid, a 15mL (1/2 fl. oz.) side cup w/ lid and a side siphon attachment w/ 30mL bottle.

360° Adjustable Reservoirs

Side reservoirs are screwed on to the airbrush and then secured in position with a lock nut. This allows the reservoir to be adjusted to any angle so that paint flows correctly regardless of the angle and position you're working in.

Left or Right Mount

Side reservoirs can be mounted on either side of the airbrush to accomodate both left and right hand users.

Clear Line of Sight

Side reservoirs provide a clear view of your work when you're holding your airbrush perpendicular to your body.

Adapters to Accept your Reservoirs

Adapters Accept Your Reservoirs Use the AD31 to attach Iwata and Testors plug-in reservoirs. Or the AD32 to plug-in all traditional bottom siphon feed bottles and fast blast caps.

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