Grex® Introduces “Getting Started with Your Grex Airbrush” DVD

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Alhambra, CA —December 9, 2009—Grex® introduces “Getting Started with Your Grex Airbrush” DVD that features step by step instructions on setup and cleanup of a Grex airbrush system and detailed demonstrations of fundamental airbrushing techniques.

“It is one of the most comprehensive DVDs on the market. It's perfect for beginners and those that want to master pistol-style trigger airbrushes” says Daniel Huynh, Director of Business Development.

The DVD helps users get the most out of their airbrush system and will help develop essential skills to create works of art. It helps users understand how a pistol-style trigger airbrush operates and its convenient features; master airbrush control by learning the basic airbrush strokes; and learn different cleaning techniques to keep the airbrush well maintained.

A distinctive feature in the DVD is the Split Screen feature that helps users better understand basic airbrushing techniques such as making dagger strokes, circles, dots and lines.

“Getting Started with Your Grex Airbrush” DVD comes in a premium quality and sealed DVD case.

Pricing and Availability: The “Getting Started with Your Grex Airbrush” DVD will be available December 2009 through GREX Authorized Resellers. For more information, please visit

The suggested retail price is $20.

Chapters includes: Introduction, Airbrush Kit Setup, Checking the Setup, Preparing the Paint, Basic Airbrush Operation, Practice Conventions, Practice Dots, Practice Lines, Connect the Dots, Practice Dagger Strokes, Practice Circles, Practice Curves, Practice Shading, Color Change, Airbrush Cleaning

About Grex®: Grex's philosophy in offering high quality airbrush products have allowed it to gain a well-known reputation worldwide since 1995. Grex continues to spearhead with innovative and original products to surpass the expectations of consumer needs.


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