Grex Airbrush announces release of the G-MAC

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Alhambra, CA – September 29 – Grex Airbrush, manufacturer of high quality, high performance airbrush products for the professional, announced today the release of the Grex Micro Air Control Quick Coupler Valve. The G-MAC, as it is known by, provides unrestricted, precise control of airflow for the airbrush right at your fingertips, allowing real-time air adjustments while painting.

Some airbrushes come with a micro air control (MAC) valve as a feature, such as the Olympos PFK-985, the Iwata Hi-Line and Kustom Series, and the PrecisionAire Master Treo XF. These MAC valves, found at the head of the airbrush, allow airbrush artists to control air flow without the need to adjust their air source directly. However, these valves are limited to the specific airbrush model that they are equipped on. When most airbrush artists have more than one airbrush and one model in their kit, it becomes impossible to have the same precise, real-time airflow control on all of them unless they have this specific feature. This is where the Grex G-MAC shows its true colors.

The G-MAC is an amazingly innovative product. Not only does it fit all Grex airbrushes, it is compatible with all brands and types of airbrushes as well. This gives artists the freedom to have a MAC valve on all their airbrushes, existing and future additions, instead of being restricted to a specific brand or model. Plus, the G-MAC comes with a quick coupler integrated into its design. This allows for quick and easy switches between airbrushes so every airbrush has the ability of precise airflow control.

The beauty to its simplicity and versatility lies in its design. The G-MAC attaches directly to the air inlet of the airbrush. This placement provides better balance compared to a valve located below the head of the airbrush. It also eliminates accidentally moving the head of the airbrush while simultaneously adjusting pressure and spraying. The G-MAC also features a large control dial for easy air pressure adjustments. This also enables you to achieve fine adjustments for that infinite control on airflow.

The G-MAC is ideal for stippling applications. Airbrushers can accurately control stippling size while painting in real-time. With a simple turn of the dial, the G-MAC provides the ability to produce effects ranging from course stippling to full atomization.

For fine lines and detailed work, use the G-MAC to precisely produce optimal airflow for infinite control of paint output. Using your free hand to control the G-MAC allows the airbrushing hand to maintain full control at all times.

Fully open the G-MAC to allow maximum air flow for wide background spraying and quick cleaning of the airbrush during color changes.

GREX's philosophy in offering high quality products have allowed it to gain a well-known reputation worldwide since 1995. Grex continues to spearhead with innovative and original products to surpass the expectations of consumer needs.


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