Grex® Introduces Food Decorating Series on YouTube

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ALHAMBRA, California—February 15, 2011— Grex Airbrush is releasing a series of Food Decorating videos on YouTube with the purpose of expanding the techniques in airbrushing in the food decorating industry. Witnessing some of the recent innovative approaches in the past several years, Grex Airbrush believes it can contribute to it.

Starting with the Airbrushing Isomalt video, Grex Airbrush will be releasing more throughout the year. In this specific video, Lisa Berczel, a world renowned artist will showcase how to create a glass effect; add texture and character to isomalt.

“The videos are free on YouTube. We want to share that in investing in a quality airbrushing system, it will help advance a food decorator’s work. The finishing touches and embellishments in food decorating make a big difference” said Daniel Huynh, Director of Business Development.

Food Decorating Series can be found on YouTube at the following link:

About Grex: GREX's philosophy in offering high quality products have allowed it to gain a well-known reputation worldwide since 1995. Grex continues to spearhead with innovative and original products to surpass the expectations of consumer needs.


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