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Grex GC1850 Paslode IM200Li The Grex Advantage
Weight 4.4 lbs. 4.6 lbs. Lighter tool means less fatigue.
Tool Height 10.5" 11.5" Smaller for better handling.
Tool Width 2.6" 3.25" Smaller for better handling.
Tool Balance Good Front Heavy Better balance means less fatigue.
Fastener Range 1/2" to 2" 5/8" to 2" Drive nails as short as 1/2".
Trigger Instant Shot Yes Yes No ramp up time. Feels like a pneumatic tool.
Power Controller Yes No Adapt to material hardness. Prolongs tool life.
Battery Type 2x AAA 4V LiON Most accessible, lighter, far less expensive.
Battery Charge Time None 20 min No battery charge time means less downtime.
Shots per Charge 50,000 12,000 More shots, means less downtime.
Safety Design Small Large Better access and visibility.
Safety Location In the nose Back of nose Enables firing from any direction.
Magazine Material Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum More robust construction
Body Material Cast Aluminum Plastic Composite More robust construction
Hole size like nail head Yes No Cleaner smaller hole for better finish.
Anti Dry Fire Yes Yes No empty holes.
Fuel+Air Mixing Swirl Chamber Electric Fan No fan noise or maintenance.
Fuel Odor Insignificant Can be overpowering Far more pleasant for anyone in room.
Fuel Cell Expiration No Yes Lower cost of ownership. Less down-time.
Shots per Fuel Cell About 1,300 About 1,200 Lower cost of ownership.
Fuel Cost per Shot About 0.48¢ About 0.63¢ Less hassle. Lower cost of ownership.
Maintenance About 50,000 shots About 15,000 shots Less hassle. Lower cost of ownership.
Battery Cost About $0.50 About $50 Less expensive to own.
Onsite Driver Change 10 minutes Not recommended No downtime when inevitable happens.

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