Why choose Grex 21 Gauge Brad Nails?

Not all 21 gauge brads are created equal. The quality of fasteners is dependent on three key attributes: (1) accurate dimensional specifications, (2) optimal material composition, and (3) dependable collation.

Because 21 gauge brad nails are relatively fine, setting high standards for each of these attributes is much more critical than traditional finish nails such as 18 or 16 gauge brads. You can be assured that all Grex 21 Gauge Brad Nails are manufactured and tested for the tightest tolerances for each of these attributes.

These qualities will minimize the potential for nail jams and prevent damage to your tool. They also make it possible for your tool to drive these nails into the wood of your choice. Grex nails can easily penetrate through red oak - that's any nail length ranging from 3/8" upto 2". We have proven results for these nails with your Grex nailer, but they will surely make any 21 gauge brad nailer work better.

Slight Headed Brad Nails vs. Headless Nails

Your Grex H850LX is designed to only drive slight headed brad nails. No headless nails. Based on our 20 plus of years experience, we know that building a tool that drives both headless and slight headed nails will increase the chances of nails jamming, premature wear of the driver blade tip and possible damage to the tool. All of our 23 gauge pinners are designed to drive headless pins only. But when choosing to go up to a 21 gauge nail, the intention is to increase the holding power, so its logical to go with a slighted head nail. If you want a headless nail, then choose our 23 gauge headless pins.

See chart below for the nail lengths available. All 21 gauge brad nails come in a reusable tough plastic storage box.

Fastener Lengths Galvanized

and Coated


3/8"10mm H8/10L
1/2"12mm H8/12L
5/8"15mm H8/15L
3/4"20mm H8/20L
7/8"22mm H8/22L
1"25mm H8/25L
1-1/8"28mm H8/28L
1-3/16"30mm H8/30L
1-1/4"32mm H8/32L
1-3/8"35mm H8/35L
1-1/2"38mm H8/38L
1-9/16"40mm H8/40L
1-3/4"45mm H8/45L
2"50mm H8/50L