01. What's the difference between all the models?

02. What is the Auto Lock-out feature?

03. Why is the minimum pin length for the P650L different from the P650?

04. Can slight headed pins be used in my Grex pinners?

05. Can I use other brands of pins in my Grex pinners?

06. Where can I purchase pins for my Grex pinner?

07. Why can't I use 1-1/4" (32mm) pins with my Grex pinner?

08. Where are Grex pinners made?

09. What comes with each Grex pinner?

10. Can I fit a No-Mar tip on to a P630?

11. Is there a difference between the No-mar tip on the P635 and P650?

12. Do I need to lubricate my Grex pinner?

13. What pin lengths can my Grex pinners drive?

14. Where do I purchase a Grex pinner?

15. How much pressure do I need to operate the Grex pinners?

16. Want kind of a compressor is needed for my Grex pinner?

17. Which Grex pinner should I choose?

18. Can I drive 23 gauge headless pins into hardwoods?

19. Will the 23 gauge pins drive in straight?

20. What is the warranty of a Grex pinner?

21. Are there replacement parts available for my Grex pinners?

22. Where can I get my Grex pinner repaired?

23. Why aren't pins setting into the wood?

24. Can my Grex pinner be used on steel studs?

25. How do I adjust the depth of drive of my Grex pinner?

26. Why are Grex pinners the best pinners?

Actually, only you can decide whether a Grex is the best pinner based upon all your criteria. While Grex pinners tend to be a little more expensive than other brands, they also offer some things that others don’t.

The most advanced ergonomic features like perfect balance, muffled rear exhaust, larger sighting windows, auto-adjust magazines, stepped magazines that allow you to get right into corners, swivel couplings to take the strain off the hose, and removable soft tips for softwoods and for pinpoint placement of fasteners.

Your Grex pinner will also tend to perform better than other brands due to the manufacturing tolerances and power that enable you to shoot straight and into the hardest woods out there.

You won’t have a lot of problems with your Grex pinner either. It’s made of aluminum and hardened steel, inside and out, and built to the highest standards of quality.

But the main reason why folks love their Grex pinners is that sense of fulfillment in working with a tool that is simply at the height of its game: a visually and functionally refined product that is the result of over 10 years of pinner evolution combined with the pride of craftsmanship that our employees have when building pinners that carry the Grex name. Put one in your hand, open the magazine, slide in some pins and you’ll see what we mean.