01. What's the difference between all the models?

02. What is the Auto Lock-out feature?

03. Why is the minimum pin length for the P650L different from the P650?

04. Can slight headed pins be used in my Grex pinners?

05. Can I use other brands of pins in my Grex pinners?

Although any brand of 23 GAUGE HEADLESS PINS are compatible with your Grex pinner, Grex pins are highly recommended due to the optimal tensile strength of the steel used. Some "aftermarket" pins are so soft that they will actually deflect in cedar and pine. Others will crumple on the surface of your workpiece because they do not have the stiffness to penetrate maple or oak or other hardwoods. Using poor quality pins can cause jamming and damage to your tool because their tolerances are not controlled or they have excess glue drips all over them. Some other pins are OK for softwoods and softer hardwoods like cherry but not for real hardwoods like maple and equatorial hardwoods. Grex pins really are the stiffest pins on the market. Because 23 gauge pins are extremely fine, using quality fasteners is much more critical than traditional finish nails such as 18 or 16 gauge brads. Click here to learn more about 23 gauge headless pins.

06. Where can I purchase pins for my Grex pinner?

07. Why can't I use 1-1/4" (32mm) pins with my Grex pinner?

08. Where are Grex pinners made?

09. What comes with each Grex pinner?

10. Can I fit a No-Mar tip on to a P630?

11. Is there a difference between the No-mar tip on the P635 and P650?

12. Do I need to lubricate my Grex pinner?

13. What pin lengths can my Grex pinners drive?

14. Where do I purchase a Grex pinner?

15. How much pressure do I need to operate the Grex pinners?

16. Want kind of a compressor is needed for my Grex pinner?

17. Which Grex pinner should I choose?

18. Can I drive 23 gauge headless pins into hardwoods?

19. Will the 23 gauge pins drive in straight?

20. What is the warranty of a Grex pinner?

21. Are there replacement parts available for my Grex pinners?

22. Where can I get my Grex pinner repaired?

23. Why aren't pins setting into the wood?

24. Can my Grex pinner be used on steel studs?

25. How do I adjust the depth of drive of my Grex pinner?

26. Why are Grex pinners the best pinners?