1. Durability and Power from All Metal Construction

Heavy duty cast aluminum tool housing, extruded aluminum magazine and precision machined aluminum internal pistons and valves. It's how tools used to be made - built to last. Operate at higher air pressures for more power to drive up to 2” long pins into the hardest wood

2. Reliable Consistent Operation from Precision Parts

Tight tolerances are even more critical when driving 23 gauge pins, reducing jams and preventing damage to your tool. The ribbed driver is machined from a single piece of hardened steel and with the matching tight tolerances of the nose piece and cover, the pin is totally captured and allowed to move only one way, straight into your workpiece. The self adjusting magazine saves time and guarantees accurate feeding and alignment of pins.

3. Ergonomics for All Day Comfort

A combination of perfect balance, lightweight and compact slim profile means ease of handling.

4. Designed for a Lifetime of Use

All Grex tools are created with serviceability in mind. Replacement parts for any part of the tool are available. You get years of use from years of support.

5. Auto Lock-Out Prevents Dry-Firing

You're alerted when it’s time to reload with several pins remaining. You can reload immediately or use the lock-out over-ride to access the 7 "reserve" pins before reloading. (P645L & P650L only)

6. 23 Gauge Pins Create "Invisible Holes"

Preceision machined ribbed driver creats a minimal hole size for a quicker, better finish with no puttying. Making it the tool of choice for all your finish and trim work. The better the metal in the driver, the smaller the hole.