Grex Power Tools Captivates Woodworking Industry with Introduction of Most Versatile Headless Pinner


Alhambra, CA - April 2, 2005 – Grex Power Tools, who is celebrating their Ten Year Anniversary, announces the introduction of their new 23 gauge headless pinner – model P635. With a length capacity increased to 1-3/8”, this pinner is an update to their earlier widely popular and successful P630 pinner featuring the original “self-adjusting” magazine.

The new tool implements many of the suggestions offered from their customers. Most notable is the ability to drive a larger fastener range – from as short as 3/8” all the way up to 1-3/8”. Additional features that enhance its versatility include a view window for fastener reload, rear exhaust with silencer, and removable no-mar tip. It also includes a narrow pointed nose for precision placement and access to tight areas and corners. Though lightweight, compact and with great maneuverability, the tool easily drives long fasteners through hardwoods.

As introduced in their first headless pinner, the P635’s key feature is the “self adjusting magazine” for all fastener lengths – an innovative design that eliminates the need for manual adjustments of the magazine and reduces jamming in a production environment. This feature along with the added capacity to 1-3/8” makes this tool a woodworkers’ dream for wide fastener selection and easy of loading.

Grex Power Tools specializes in the production of high quality, industrial-strength fastening systems and solutions offering everything from finishing to framing.


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