GREX Jumps Aboard Model Trains


Alhambra, CA, March 19 – Grex Power Tools announced that they will be attending the 23rd National Garden Railway Convention in Las Vegas, NV and The Big Train Show in Ontario, CA this year.

For the past few years, Grex products have shown up in numerous woodworking shows but never venturing far from them. They exhibited at their first hobby train show just last year and were very well received. “[The] hobbyists were ecstatic with our products and couldn’t believe why they haven’t seen them before” said VP Sales and Marketing, Jerry Carter.

Model train builders struggle with securing miniscule parts effectively and efficiently, frequently facing splitting wood or time-consuming superficial cover-ups. They found that by using Grex’s 23 gauge headless pinner, they were able to fasten roof shingles, sidings, tresses and etc. tightly with no splitting and minimal cover-ups. A model train builder for over 13 years, David Rose remarks that “the pinner leaves nearly an invisible hole and can even pass for scale nail holes.”

In addition to providing tools for assembling an entire train set and cityscape, Grex offers a line of airbrushes for decorating needs. The most buzz at the train show was caused by an airbrush that uses a pistol type trigger instead of the traditional push button trigger – model Genesis.XT. Common problems from using an airbrush are hand cramps and fatigue, making long periods of usage difficult. A pistol trigger reduces these problems, making it easier on the hands and joints. Because it’s also easier to learn, it’s less intimidating for those considering airbrushing for the first time.

Show attendees will have the opportunity to test-drive all of the Grex products including the pistol type Genesis.XT airbrush and their 1-3/8” length 23 gauge headless pinner, model P635. This pinner has been awarded “Best New Tool of 2005” by Popular Woodworking and “Best Bet” of eight pinners in the April issue of Woodworkers Journal. “We believe getting the actual tool into the person’s hand and letting them test it is much more effective, and reassuring to the consumer, than to simply describe it in words” says Jerry. These interactive demonstrations will be available throughout the duration of both shows.

The Big Train Show in Ontario, CA is at the Ontario Convention Center on June 2 and 3. For more information, visit

The 23rd National Garden Railway Convention in Las Vegas, NV is in the Royale Exhibit Hall at the Riviera Hotel from June 27-30. For more information, visit

Grex expects to attend many more train shows in the near future. For news and updates, visit their website at or

Since 1995, Grex Power Tools has designed and produced industrial strength pneumatic fastening systems with over 40 different products that encompass a wide range of applications. They specialize in the development of innovative fastening tools and related fasteners, woodworking tools and precision metal working tools with systems and solutions for the professional as well as the DIY markets. Based on the same high standards of quality, innovation and commitment to unsurpassed service, they introduced their airbrush division in 2000 to continue their strive for developing cutting-edge products.


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