21FN - 21° Plastic Strip Full Round Head Nails

For Grex model(s): SF9021H .

Item No.SizeShankTypeM/ctn
21FN50-113GR2"x.113 Galv. Ring 6D Common 5
21FN50-113S 2"x.113 Smooth 6D Common 5
21FN50-113GS2"x.113 Galv. Smooth6D Common 5
21FN60-113S 2-3/8"x.113Smooth 8D Cooler 5
21FN60-113R 2-3/8"x.113Ring 8D Cooler 5
21FN60-113GS2-3/8"x.113Galv. Smooth8D Cooler 5
21FN60-113GR2-3/8"x.113Galv. Ring 8D Cooler 5
21FN60-148S 2-3/8"x.148Smooth 10D Ply 4
21FN64-131S 2-1/2"x.131Smooth 8D Common 4
21FN75-131S 3"x.131 Smooth 10D Framer4
21FN75-131R 3"x.131 Ring 10D Framer4
21FN75-148S 3"x.148 Smooth 10D Common4
21FN82-131GS3-1/4"x.131Galv. Smooth16D Short 4
21FN82-131S 3-1/4"x.131Smooth 16D Short 4
21FN90-162S 3-1/2"x.162Smooth 16D Common3

Suggested Applications:

Framing, Sub flooring, Decking, Truss construction, Wall and roof sheathing, Siding, Roof decks, Pallet construction, Box and crate construction, Bridging, Fencing