80AD - 21 Gauge 1/2" Crown Stapler

For projects requiring a slightly heavier thin-wire staple with a wider crown, the GREX 80AD fine wire stapler conveniently uses a 21-gauge 1/2" crown staple with lengths ranging from 3/16" to 5/8".

What's more, the 80AD is available in four different designs: 80AD (industry standard), 80ADLNS (long nose - projects requiring a longer reach), 80AF (auto-fire - speed of production), and the 80AFLM (auto-fire long-magazine - less reloading for continuous speed of production).

The 80AD is built for speed of production, ergonomics and convenience: Patented trigger valve for fast-air-recycling time, quick release magazine, compact with a slim profile, and a powerful lightweight industrial strength design.

Less demanding on an air compressor, the 80AD uses 20% to 40% lower air consumption and that means more tools per compressor. For speedy continuous stapling, fast-air-recycling allows the 80AD to quickly maximize internal air pressure and maximize power after each shot for rapid shooting.

For minimal effort and minimal hand movement, the 80AD quick release magazine latch is conveniently located near and activated by the operator's pinky-finger. The GREX 80AD quick drop-in load design promotes fast magazine reloading.

Engineered with functionality, serviceability and all day continuous use in mind, your GREX is designed for years of continuous use and years of maintenance and technical support.

GREX, demanded by Pros, for more than 20 years has helped professionals rise to the top of their trade. Now explore.

Suggested Applications:

Upholstering, Carpet laying, Light wood assembly, Display and sign work, Luggage construction, Silk screen assembly, Home building applications, Applying drapery fabric to cornices, Sign shops, Box spring and mattress covers, Automobile interior, Installation of light trim moldings, Light gauge metal piercing, Roofing paper, Etc...