Model Figures Flesh Tone Airbrushing Video Series

Long-time model figures painter Rusty Nails, explains and shows his techniques for painting realistic flesh tones. Having traveled nationwide competing and judging at model figures painting competitions, he's had the opportunity to address the most common questions and learn from fellow figure painters first hand. In this video series he covers in detail the step-by-step painting process from choosing the appropriate paints to applying special effects techniques that further add depth to painting realistic looking flesh. Whether you're painting human flesh or the un-dead, we're sure you'll pick up some great tips. Thank you to Rusty for developing this video series.


1. Figure Paints Tutorial

2. Applying Primer

3. Applying Base Coat

4. Pre-shading

5. Pre-highlighting

6. Spattering Technique

7. Mottling Technique

8. Veining Technique

9. Finishing Up

3. Applying Base Coat

Applying the base color creates the fundamental flesh tone for your figure. Here, Rusty shows that varying the intensity of color and applying it in a random pattern throughout the figure helps build a realistic flesh effect.