Grex Model Aircraft Airbrushing Video Series

National award-winning plastic aircraft model builder and painter Bryant Dunbar, explains and shows his simple yet highly effective techniques to creating a realistic looking finish. Having traveled nationwide demonstrating for Grex, he's had the opportunity to address the most common questions and learn from fellow model builders first hand. In this video series he covers in detail the step-by-step painting process from choosing the appropriate paints to painting a multi-color camouflage scheme. Whether you're just starting to learn airbrushing or an experienced builder, we're sure you'll pick up some great tips. Thank you to Bryant for developing this video series.


1. Hobby Paints Tutorial

2. Paint Preparation

3. Pre-Shading Panel Lines

4. Single Color Camouflage Scheme

5. Post-Tinting Panels

6. Multi-Color Camouflage Scheme

4. Single Color Camouflage Scheme

With pre-shading of the panel lines complete, the base military color is applied on the model in a very controlled manner. This layer of paint is applied in such a way to blend with the pre-shaded areas, allowing some of it to show through. The end results are subtle color variations and shadows that create that realistic looking finish.