Jackman, Andy


Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK


Automotive . Custom Art . Model Building .

Ive been airbrushing since 1998 on a part time basis and Im a self taught artist that started custom painting after a bet with a friend years ago. I dont have a preferance on subjects I paint but Im told Im pretty good at doing 'pinup' art so I plan to start a new venture in this area mainly on canvas though I am and always will be a motorcycle custom painter at heart. Most of the work I do is more on the graphics side at the moment but I hope to push much more airbrush work out from 2009 onwards.

I first came across the Grex range in an imported airbrush magazine and I knew I was going to use one someday but there was no UK supplier at the time, fortunately some months later Gordon Corrins of Aerart became the UK importer and I snapped up an XG followed by the XN shortly after. Both airbrushes delivered way beyond expectation and have not missed a beat from the first project to the present day, I rely heavily on the XG for the bulk of my airbrushing work and I turn to the XN for super fine detail work and both are fitted with G-MAC's. They are well engineered and very precise airbrushes that I have complete faith in using every time I pick them up, in fact the first time I used the XG I was completetly dumb struck as to how fine a line it could lay down when you consider that this has a 0.3 set up! As for value for money, these airbrushes will pay for themselves very quickly as I found out within my first few projects. Unbeatable.

Snakebone Goalie Mask

Genesis.XG . Genesis.XN .

Lechlar automotive paint

Carbon/kevlar goalie mask

The Phantom

Genesis.XN .

PPG automotive paint

Lambretta Scooter

Pinup on PIn

Genesis.XG . Genesis.XN .

PPG automotive paint

Bowling Pin