Grex Fan Spray Cap

Why you need an airbrush - for the Woodworker

Airbrush Maintenance Video Series

Learn how to fully disassemble and assemble your Grex Airbrush. A great reference if you're looking to perform a thorough cleaning and/or maintenance on your airbrush. This series also covers how to thoroughly clean your Grex airbrush.

Model Aircraft Airbrushing Video Series

National award-winning plastic aircraft model builder and painter Bryant Dunbar, explains and shows his simple yet highly effective techniques to creating a realistic looking finish.

Model Figures Flesh Tone Airbrushing Video Series

Long-time model figures painter Rusty Nails, explains and shows his techniques for painting realistic flesh tones.

Grex Food Decorating Video Series

This Grex video series is produced with the purpose of expanding techniques in airbrushing to the food decorating industry. Witnessing some of the recent innovative approaches in the past several years, Grex Airbrush believes it can contribute to the growth of airbrush applications in this industry by leveraging on the expertise of cross disciplinary artists they work with.

Grex Airbrush featured on DIY Network's "Cool Tools"

Chris Grundy of DIY Network's "Cool Tools" features the Grex Genesis.XT airbrush in their "Artisans" episode of season 4. Take a sneak peek at what an airbrush can do for you. Click here to learn more about the airbrush products seen in this video.